What we do

Smart, ergonomic and user friendly


MOTEN collects data about muscular intensity for a specific task or effort to locate where the stress is created and assess where potential MSD could be located.


We assist companies to improve their processes, and offering a better follow-up of their employees, especially about their health.


Our top objective is to assist manufacturing companies and their operators to reduce Work Related Musculoskeletal Diseases (WRMSD) and improve workers’ efficiency

Our company

MOTEN Technologies (Motion Enhanced Technologies) is an innovative company started in 2018 by 2 French partners.
Our headquarter is located in Orsay, France, the cradle of technological companies. This location offers us facilitated access to our customers, a dynamic ecosystem to grow and a qualitative lifestyle for our team.

We take the human-machine interface to the next level by designing, developing and commercializing a solution monitoring physical workload for use in the manufactory. Our solution, currently under development, enhance the motion of operators as well as their safety at work.

In the factory of the future, we commit to improve safety at work and reduce work related injuries..

Our Team

Guillaume Bonadei
Guillaume Bonadei
Founder & CEO
Maxime Projetti
Maxime Projetti
Co-founder & CTO